Missing Alumni

The list below represents those classmates that we are unable to locate.  You may have come to this website but not left contact informaiton.  Please check if your name is on the list. 

Should you have any current information, particularly email addresses, for anyone listed on this page please send them to Shayne Del Cohen shayne@sprintmail.com or Carol Vierra (Szymkiewicz) carolszy@gmail.com

If your name is below and you have signed up on this site, please drop me a note at carolszy@gmail.com.


Below is a list of those "missing" as of December 2023.
Richard  Brent Anderson
Carol  Marian Armstrong
Michelle  Ann Ayers
Carolee  Ann Barker
Sharon  Martha Bates
Kathleen  Renee Bosco
Ken Eark Burke
James  Homer Buckley
Susan  Ann Buikema
Carolyn  Burright
Wynette  Elizabeth Byrne
Gail Ann Carby
Cheryl  Chatham
Joetta  Pearl Christopher
Catherine  Jean Coit
Dennis  James Cooney
Charles  Gordon Day
Diane  Lee Dixon
Charles  Edward Ellis
Maryann  Fava
Beverly  Jean Forslund
Victoria  Freeman
Steven  Fuller
Catherine  Elaine Gallup
Debrah  Gay Goldfarb
Reina Lee Goodman *
Gary  Alan Gregory
Bonita  Elaine Haney
Cynthia  Ann Hanners
Patricia  Hartmann
Mary  Elizabeth Hitchcock
Lee  Ann Jackson
Marion  Jane Dunstan
Robert  Gary Johnson
Lynn  Curtis Johnson
Judith  Ann Johnson
Douglas  Wayne Johnson
Mary  Carol Holmes
Kathy  Ann Lee
Barbara  Jean Ludwig
Richard  Allan MacIntosh
Richard  Alan MacKenzie

Joyce Darlene McDonald
Michael  B. Meyers
William  Brian Middlemiss
Cathryn  Louise Mondot
Kevin  Dennis Moore
Linda  Gail Mullen *
Scott  Dallas Noble
Margaret  Pachner
Danny  Edward Perry
Margaret  Sue Perry
Christopher  Albert Perry
Robert  Harmon Petersen
Patrick  William Raftery
Denny L. Rahlves *
Sandra  Lee Raven
Barbara  Ann Renouf
Donna-Lynne  Rhea
Jacquelyn  Fay Rhue
Mary  Elizabeth Rice
Lois  Annabelle Roberts
Diana  Gail Robinson
William John Rogers
Cynthia  Lou Schwartz
Jimmie  Earl Shaw
Ellen  May Silva
Louise  Claire Siudy
Richard Earl Sloan
Sherry  Lorraine Smith
Paul  McClain Smith
Donna  Louise Smith
Arlene  Barbara Smith
Sandra-Lee  Smith
Robert D. Stanfield
Adele  Steiner
Leslie Suiter
William  Clement Terry
Wayne  Charles Thompson
Mary  Lacy Tucker
Patricia  Anne Vest
Katharine  Lynne Wight
Steven  Russell Wilson
Wilbur  Stanley Wong
Kathleen  Louise York
Allen Girard Zukerman

* By Choice